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SOLD OUT!SUNRISE Shell Necklaces|| Hawaiian Sunrise/Moonrise Shell pendants| 2

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  • Sunrise Shells are not live animals.When the scallops die, the shells are discarded. Over time, storm currents mix the shells with sand and bring them closer to shore.
  • Handmade with Wood Backing
  • Shell Size: 1 1/4 x 1/14
  • Length: 10ā€
  • Wood Backing: Brown
  • Chain: Silver
  • Free Shipping with USA
  • šŸšIntroducing our stunningāž°rareāž°and very unique Hawaiian Sunrise Shell Neckāž°Leis.Ā  SUNRISE SHELLS are unique in its original āž°natural color āž°NEVER stained or painted. They get their name because of their beautiful colorāž°echoing the sky in a magnificent Hawaii sunrise.Ā 
  • They are often found at first light on the beach, when they glow under the luminescent clouds. They were once found abundantly on the shores of several Hawaiian beaches on Kauai and the North Shoreāž° where my Uncle found many of these treasures.Ā  Howeverāž° due to their increased demand, they are typically found only at depths from around 10 to 30 feet where collectors must dive for them.
  • Our entire collection was hand-made in Hawaii by my Uncle Chick who Hand-made each one using a ā€œUkuleleā€ making technique by backing and finishing each Shell with a variety of woods.Ā 
  • Usually, the scallops, known as Langfordā€™s Pectens, can fetch up to over $200.Ā  They become even more valuable when they have lush hints of green and blue. These shells of the same species are called ā€œMoonriseā€ due to their even less common, darker appearance. This tremendous range of color variation is based on different factors like at what ocean depths the creatures lived and what foods they may be been exposed to.
  • I am very proud to share these exclusive Sunrise Shell Necklaces, endemic to Hawaiā€˜i and only found in waters surrounding the islands.Ā 
  • Known asĀ  "Hawaii's Diamonds" these once exclusive Gems of the Sea, are truly part of Hawaiian culture and history.Ā 
  • Ancient legend suggests that Sunrise Shells were the exclusive property and thought to be sacred which only Hawaiian Royal Kingsāž°Queens āž°Princes and Princesses were worthy of.Ā 
  • When you acquire a truly amazing Neck-Leis these beauties āž°a rare delight which offer their wearers protection and power that goes back thousands of years in Hawaii's rich history.


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